Zambian Copper and Cobalt Mine
Copper price is the highest in 10 years. surpassing $10,700 per ton as of May 11th 2011.

Copper prices have soared due to soaring demand for electric vehicles.

◆ Copper price is the highest in 10 years, surpassing $10,700 per ton as of May 11th 2011.

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Fluctuating price of cobalt and lithium... "Securing raw materials for batteries" war.

Cobalt prices soar, a major battery material, in the spread of electric vehicles. The price of cobalt soared to a maximum of $80,000, but recently stabilized to around $35,000. The world’s 70% of production of 140,000 tons of cobalt is supplied by the Democratic Republic of Congo, mainly produced by Copper Belt connected to Zambia, and Zambia is also a major cobalt producer.

Surrounding Targets

NYUNGU Copper-Cobalt

Significant mineralized copper deposite has been confirmed in NYUNGU Central
As a result of Soil anamaly analysis, additional reserves are expected to be checked at NYUNGU East.

    The Nyungu deposit is confirmed by 50+ drill holes. Mineralized copper deposit with strong potential for extensions. Demonstrated strike length: 1,700m and is open to the north and south

  • NYUNGU East

    recently defined an intense copper anomaly at Nyungu East. The Nyungu East copper anomaly is higher in intensity than the Nyungu Central soil anomaly.


    The Nyungu South deposit sits in a location where a copper soil anomaly and an IP geophysical anomaly (i.e. a zone that may contain disseminated sulphide minerals) are coincident. The IP anomaly continues northwards from the soil anomaly over a significant area.

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Deal Proposal

Requested Amount of stock purchase from existing shareholders : 100 million US $

Shareholding Ratio for Investment: 55%

nAcquisition cost of additional shares

Up to 30% of additional shares can be acquired depending on the results of the exploration (up to 85%)

The amount of additional equity acquisition is determined by the evaluation and negotiation of an external evaluation agency (prior right to purchase)

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